W3A – Wednesday 28/9, 14:00-15:30

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14:00 – 15:30 Applications in Biology and Medicine I (W3A) Room 20

14:00 Biomedical THz Imaging And Spectroscopy: High Sensitivity Is Both A Blessing And A Curse (Keynote Talk) W3A.1
Emma Pickwell-MacPherson
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
14:30 Automated Data And Image Processing For Biomedical Sample Analysis W3A.2
Patrick Mounaix1; Hugo Balacey1; Amel Al-Ibadi1; Gaetan Macgrogan2; Jean-Paul Guillet1; Emma Pickwell-MacPherson3
1IMS , University of Bordeaux ,UMR CNRS 5218, France; 2‘Institut BergoniĆ© -Bordeaux France, France; 3Electronic Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong
14:45 In Vivo THz Imaging Of Human Skin: Accounting For Occlusion Effects W3A.3
Qiushuo Sun; Yuezhi He; Edward Parrott; Emma Pickwell-MacPherson
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
15:00 Biomedical Diagnosis Of Cerebral Ischemia With Continuous-wave THz Imaging W3A.4
Jia Shi1; Yuye Wang1; Degang Xu1; Chao Yan1; Longhuang Tang1; Pan Duan1; Yixin He1; Hongxiang Liu1; Tunan Chen2; Hua Feng2; Jianquan Yao1
1Tianjin University, China; 2Third Military Medical University, China
15:15 High Spatial Resolution Terahertz Imaging Of Carcinoma Tissues At 0.6 THz Frequencies W3A.5
Irmantas Kasalynas1; Rimvydas Venckevicius1; Linas Minkevicius1; Faustino Wahaia2; Vytautas Janonis1; Vincas Tamosiunas1; Dalius Seliuta1; Gintaras Valusis1; Aleksander Sesek3; Janez Trontelj3; Catia Silva4
1Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania; 2University of Porto, Portugal; 3University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; 4Centro Hospitalar Sao Joao, Portugal