W2A – Wednesday 28/9, 11:00-12:30

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11:00 – 12:30 Imaging, inspection and remote sensing III (W2A) Room 20

11:00 24×24 Pixel Focal Plane Array For THz Imaging Applications W2A.1
Dan Corcos1; Sergey Pivnik1; Ofer Markish1; Thomas Morf2; Ute Drechsler2; André Bischof3; Danny Elad1
1IBM Research – Haifa, Israel; 2IBM Research – Zurich, Switzerland; 3CSEM, Switzerland
11:15 A New 3D THz Scanner For The THz-ARTE Project W2A.2
Andrea Doria1; Gian Piero Gallerano1; Emilio Giovenale1; Marcello Picollo2; Kaori Fukunaga3
1ENEA, Italy; 2IFAC-CNR, Italy; 3NICT, Japan
11:30 Visualization Of Terahertz Radiation On Silicon-based CCD And CMOS Sensor At High Resolution (Keynote Talk) W2A.3
Christoph P. Hauri1; Mostafa Shalaby1; Carlo Vicario2
1Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland; 2PSI, Switzerland
12:00 Towards Passive Imaging With CMOS THz Cameras W2A.4
Stefan Malz; Ritesh Jain; Ullrich R. Pfeiffer
University of Wuppertal, Germany
12:15 Uncooled Terahertz Video Micro-bolometer Camera: Toolbox To Optimize The Sensitivity By Tuning Antennas And Cavity W2A.5
Jerome Meilhan; Jonathan Oden; Jean-Louis Ouvrier-Buffet; Antoine Hamelin; Baptiste Delplanque; Francois Simoens
CEA-LETI, France