T3A – Tuesday 27/9, 14:00-15:30

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14:00 – 15:30 Imaging, inspection and remote sensing I (T3A) Auditorium 11

14:00 Frequency Analysis Of Terahertz Time-domain (THz-TDI) Imaging Of A XIX Century Chinese Lacquered Screen (Keynote Talk) T3A.1
Corinna Ludovica Koch Dandolo1; Johanne Bornemann Mogensen2; Mads Christian Christensen2; Peter Uhd Jepsen3
1Technical University of Denmark, Switzerland; 2National museum of Denmark, Denmark; 3Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
14:30 THz Permittivity Imaging Using Multi-tone Unwrapped Phase Slope Method
Teruo Jyo; Hiroshi Hamada; Ho-jin Song; Daisuke Kitayama; Makoto Yaita; Hideyuki Nosaka
NTT Corporation, Japan
14:45 Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Terahertz Imaging For Art Restoration T3A.3
Jean-Paul Guillet1; Kejia Wang2; Marie Roux3; Frédéric Fauquet1; Frédéric Darracq1; Patrick Mounaix1
1Bordeaux University, IMS, UMR CNRS 5218, France; 2Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, China; 3L’atelier des renaissances, France
15:00 Hidden Engraved Character Recognition By Using THz Imaging T3A.4
Kaori Fukunaga1; Takashi Maeno1; Takao Makino2
1NICT, Japan; 22Kibi Conservation Studio for Cultural Objects, Japan
15:15 Comparative Study Of Mid-20th C. Art Using THz And X-ray Imaging T3A.5
J. Bianca Jackson1; Marcello Melis2; Junliang Dong3; David Giovannacci4; Gillian Walker5; Alexandre Locquet3; John Bowen5; David S. Citrin3
1University of Reading, United States; 2Profilocolore srl, Italy; 3Georgia Institute of Technology, United States; 4Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques, France; 5University of Reading, United Kingdom