Best Student Paper Award

In 2010, the IRMMW-THz Society Board voted to implement an annual “Best Student Paper Prize” to recognize original contributions to the conference from outstanding student attendees. A cash prize is awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place papers through a committee selection and voting process.

During the 2016 submission process, students had the opportunity to sign up for the competition for the Best Student Presentation Award during the conference. Based on the reviews of all these papers, the Award Committee has selected the IRMMW-THz 2016 Student Award finalists.

The finalists will present their work to the Student Award Committee in a closed session on Tuesday, September 27th. The winner will be announced and awards presented during the conference banquet on Wednesday, September 28th.

 Finalist  Title of presentation  Session
 David Bacon, Leeds University  Pump-Probe Measurements Of Gain In A Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser  M2E
 Markus Rösch, ETH Zürich  On-chip Terahertz Dual-comb Source Based On Quantum Cascade Lasers  M3E
 Marco Fischer, University of Konstantz  Germanium Plasmonic Nanoantennas For Third-Harmonic Generation In The Mid Infrared  T2A
 Lara Wimmer, University of Göttingen  Electron Pulse Reshaping By THz Streaking At Metal Nanotips  T2A
 Gian Lorenzo Paravicine-Bagliani, ETH Zürich  Gate Tunable Magneto-Plasmon Ultrastrongly Coupled To LC Cavity  T2C
 Stefan Malz, University of Wuppertal  Towards Passive Imaging With CMOS THz Cameras  W2A


Selection Process

Candidates may apply for the award when they upload their conference abstracts. If they have more than one submission, students must choose only ONE paper for consideration.

To qualify, candidates must be full time students at the time of Abstract submission, they must have been fully responsible for the work that is being judged. If the student is shortlisted as a finalist, a letter or statement of support will be requested from their advisor that verifies their status as a student and their responsibility for the paper.

The International Advisory Board will review all the entries and preselect 6 candidates for individual presentations to a prize committee during a special session at the 2016 conference. Each candidate must present his/her paper in person at the session.

The time and location of the presentations will be communicated to the six finalists well in advance of the conference. All finalists are expected to attend the conference and make their presentations to the prize committee in order to qualify for one of the 3 awards.