M4D – Monday 26/9, 16:00-17:00

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16:00 – 17:00 Devices, Components, and Systems III (M4D) Auditorium 11

16:00 Waveguide T-Junction As A Broadband Terahertz Variable Power Splitter M4D.1
Kimberly Reichel; Rajind Mendis; Daniel Mittleman
Brown University, United States
16:15 Biased THz Emission From InGaAs Nanowires Fabricated Using Electron Beam Lithography M4D.2
Soner Balci1; David A. Czaplewski2; Il Woong Jung2; Fariba Hatami3; Patrick Kung1; Seongsin Margaret Kim1
1University of Alabama, United States; 2Argonne National Laboratory, United States; 3Humboldt University, Germany
16:45 Smith-Purcell Terahertz Sources M4D.4
Jacques Gardelle1; Patrick Modin1; Hans P. Bluem2; Robert H. Jackson2; Alan M. M. Todd2; John T. Donohue3
1CEA/CESTA, France; 2AES, United States; 3CENBG, France