M4C – Monday 26/9, 16:00-17:00

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16:00 – 17:00 Modeling and Analysis Techniques II (M4C) Room 20

16:00 Precise Determination Of The Complex Refractive Index Of Scattering And Absorbing Samples By Combining THz-TDS And A Kramers-Kronig Analysis M4C.1
Maxime Bernier; Frédéric Garet; Jean-Louis Coutaz
IMEP-LAHC laboratory, France
16:15 Precise Determination Of Optical Parameter Of Highly Absorptive Liquid In THz Region Using Kramers-Kronig Relations M4C.2
Heyjin Son; Da-Hye Choi; Jin-Young Jeong; Jung-Min Jang; Gun-Sik Park
Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of
16:30 Periodic Sampling Errors In THz Measurements M4C.3
Arno Rehn; David Jahn; Jan Balzer; Martin Koch
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany
16:45 Accurate Modelling And Measurement Of The Impedance Match Between UTC Photodiodes And THz Antennas M4C.4
Michele Natrella1; Chin-Pang Liu1; Chris Graham1; Frédéric van Dijk2; Huiyun Liu1; Cyril Renaud1; Alwyn Seeds1
1University College London, United Kingdom; 2III-V Laboratory, France