H3D – Thursday 29/9, 14:00-15:30

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14:00 – 15:30 MMW and submillimeter wave systems I (H3D) Room 20

14:00 Accurate Parameter Extraction From Liquids Measured Using On-chip Terahertz Spectroscopy H3D.1
Matthew Swithenbank; Christopher Russell; Andrew Burnett; Linahe Li; A. Giles Davies; Edmund H. Linfield; John Cunningham; Christopher Wood
University of Leeds, United Kingdom
14:15 Reflection Of Terahertz Surface Plasmons From Plane Mirrors And Transparent Plates H3D.2
Vasily Gerasimov1; Boris Knyazev1; Alexey Lemzyakov1; Alexey Nikitin2; German Zhizhin2
1Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of SB RAS, Russian Federation; 2Scientific and Technological Center for Unique Instrumentation of RAS, Russian Federation
14:30 High-Power THz Pulse Radiation With GHz Repetition Rate In Silicon (Keynote Talk) H3D.3
M. Mahdi Assefzadeh; Peiyu Chen; Aydin Babakhani
Rice University, United States
15:00 Extension Of The Multi-Frequency ECRH System At ASDEX Upgrade H3D.4
Dietmar Wagner1; Joerg Stober1; Michael Kircher1; Fritz Leuterer1; Francesco Monaco1; Max Muenich1; Martin Schubert1; Hartmut Zohm1; Gerd Gantenbein2; John Jelonnek2; Manfred Thumm2; Andreas Meier2; Theo Scherer2; Dirk Strauss2; Walter Kasparek3; Carsten Lechte3; Burkhard Plaum3; Alexander Zach3; Alexander Litvak4; Gregory Denisov4; Alexey Chirkov4; Leonid Popov5; Vadim Nichiporenko5; Vadim Myasnikov5; Evgeny Tai5; Elena Solyanova5; Sergey Malygin5
1Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik, Germany; 2Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany; 3University of Stuttgart, Germany; 4Institute of Applied Physics, Nizhny Novgorord, Russian Federation; 5GYCOM, Russian Federation
15:15 A Traveling Wave Tube For 92 <dash> 95 GHz Band Wireless Applications H3D.5
Claudio Paoloni1; Frédéric André2; Sophie Kohler2; Viktor Krozer3; Quang Trung Le4; Rosa Letizia1; Ahmed Sabaawi1; Giacomo Ulisse3; Ralph Zimmerman4
1Lancaster University, United Kingdom; 2Thales Electron Devices, France; 3Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany; 4HF Systems Engineering GmbH, Germany