H1 – Thursday 29/9, 08:30-10:00

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08:30 – 10:00 Thursday Plenary Session (H1) Plenary Auditorium 10/11/12

08:30 Development And Applications Of High Power THz Radiation Sources — Gyrotrons
Toshitaka Idehara
University of Fukui, FIR Center, Japan

High frequency gyrotrons developed in FIR UF covering sub-THz to THz range have achieved operation functions such as high stabilization of frequency and power, high speed frequency modulation and frequency tunability. Such gyrotrons with functions of frequency and power control have opened new horizon of high power THz technologies, for example, high frequency DNP-NMR spectroscopy, direct measurement of hyperfine structure of positronium, etc.
The status of development and applications of high frequency gyrotrons are introduced.

09:15 Exploring The Use Of Metamaterial Apertures In A Millimeter-wave Imaging System H1.2
David Smith
Duke University, United States

We demonstrate a low-profile, holographic imaging system at millimeter wavelengths based on a frequency-diverse metasurface aperture. From measurements of spatially diverse field patterns, diffraction-limited images of human-scale targets can be reconstructed at diffraction and bandwidth limits. The system is driven by a single microwave source swept over a band of frequencies (18 — 26.5 GHz) and switched between pairs of metasurface panels. High fidelity image reconstruction requires a precise model for each field pattern generated by the aperture. This constraint makes scaling of computational imaging systems to large apertures inherently challenging. To meet the demanding requirements, we introduce computational methods and calibration approaches that enable rapid and accurate imaging performance.