F2D – Friday 30/9, 11:00-12:30

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11:00 – 12:30 MMW and submillimeter wave systems III (F2D) Room 20

11:00 Efficiency And Bandwidth Enhancement Of On-Chip Antennas By Using Connected Arrays And Artificial Dielectrics F2D.1
Daniele Cavallo; Waqas H. Syed; Andrea Neto
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
11:15 300-GHz-band Wireless Transmission At 50 Gbit/s Over 100 Meters F2D.2
Tadao Nagatsuma1; Kazuki Oogimoto1; Yu Yasuda1; Yusuke Fujita1; Yuki Inubushi1; Shintaro Hisatake1; Gonzalo Crespo2; Aitor Martinez2
1Osaka University, Japan; 2Anteral, Spain
11:30 Fast THz Modulator Based On The HEMT-metamaterial F2D.3
Yuncheng Zhao1; Yaxin Zhang1; Shen Qiao1; Shixiong Liang2; Zhihong Feng2; Ziqiang Yang1
1Terahertz Science Cooperative Innovation Center, University of Electronic Science and Technology of, China; 2National Key Laboratory of Application Specific Integrated Circuit, Hebei Semiconductor Research Ins, China
11:45 THz Transmission Using QAM-16 And 32 Gbit/s On 25m F2D.4
Philipp Latzel1; Fabio Pavanello1; Sara Bretin1; Pascal Szriftgiser2; Redha Kassi1; Klaus Engenhardt3; Erwan Lecomte4; Emilien Peytavit1; Jean-Fran├žois Lampin1; Mohammed Zaknoune1; Guillaume Ducournau5
1IEMN – Univ Lille 1, France; 2PhLAM, France; 3Tektronix, Germany; 4Tektronix, France; 5IEMN, France
12:00 Exploring THz Band For High Speed Wireless Communications (Keynote Talk) F2D.5
Xianbin Yu
Zhejiang University, China