A central part of any IRMMW-THz conference is the ever growing exhibition which highlights the most recent developments within commercial components, devices and systems for millimeter-wave and THz applications. The following companies will be exhibiting at IRMMW-THz 2016.

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 azpect_250px Spectra-Physics_250pxNewport_250px


 CascadeMicrotech_250px  Ekspla_250px  ino_250px
 Fastlite_250px  Laser_Quantum_250px  Protemics_250px
 Lake_Shore_250px  Microtech_250px  NTT_electronics_250px
 Luvitera_250px  lytid_250px  TeTechS_250px
 i2S_250px  Toptica_250px  virginia_diodes_250px
 Springer_250px  Tydex_250px  Terasense_250px
 TeraView_250px  neaspec_250px  Menlo_250px
 NKTPhotonics_250px  picometrix_250px  LongWave_Photonics_250px
 Ara_Scientific_250px  daheng_250px