Button Prize

Brief History of the Prize

In 1990 an award called “The Infrared and Millimeter Wave Prize”, to be awarded “for outstanding contributions to the field of infrared and millimeter waves”, was initiated by the Program Council (now known as the International Organizing Committee) and awarded in the first instance to Kenneth J. Button, founder of the conference series. The following year it was agreed by the Program Council to rename the Prize “The Kenneth J Button Prize” in recognition of Ken Button’s outstanding contributions to the community, both as a scientist and as the initiator and driving force of this series of conferences. The criterion for awarding the Prize was later changed to its present form: “for outstanding contributions to the science of infrared, millimeter, and terahertz waves”. The prize consists of a cash award of $3000, a certificate, and a medal. All are awarded to the winner at the IRMMW-THz conference which follows the selection of a recipient.

Nomination Procedure

Any scientist active in the field of the Conference may make a nomination for the Button Prize. The closing date for receipt of nominations by the IRMMW-THz Kenneth J Button Prize Committee each year will be the same as the deadline for submission of abstracts to the conference, normally about six months before the conference itself. The closing date will be strictly observed. Any nominations received after that date will be carried forward to the following year. Nominations for the 2017 Prize will be due on or before 1 April 2016. For more information please contact the KJB Prize Committee Chair, Peter H. Siegel.

For a pdf version of the detailed instructions on the nomination procedure, please click here.