The project THz-BREW (Terahertz Broadband Relaxation Dynamics in Water) will examine the solvation response of water molecules to electrons with sub-50 fs resolution by simultaneously monitoring both the time-resolved changes in the intermolecular vibrational modes of water and the optical conductivity of the electron itself.

The corner stone in the project is the femtosecond time-resolved Thz spectroscopy system available in our group, which has the capability of measuring the dielectric response of a sample with sub-50-fs time resolution, covering the spectral range between 0.1 and 20 THz. This spectral region covers the dynamical response of the hydrogen-bonded network of liquid water, and is therefore ideally suited for direct measurement of the response of the water network in the first femtoseconds and picoseconds after e.g. the photoexcitation of an electron into a free or solvated state.  

The project is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research|Natural Sciences, and started on March 1st, 2012. The project will run for three years. Currently the project employs Ph.D. student Tianwu Wang.


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